To Toronto Aspirals,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   27/07/2012

Hello, my name is Ksenia Judeikin, I am a member of the senior Canadian National Team for Rhythmic gymnastics currently ranking 5th.  In August, I will be attending a training camp in Russia and training with the Russian National Teams.   In order to prepare myself, during the month of July, I had the great privilege of training at Toronto Aspirals with Lidiya Yavorskaya,  Aspirals   head coach.  I am very happy  with the weeks I have spent at this club.
Every day, Lidiya led a very tough warm up that helped gymnasts improve  body strength, balance, flexibility and endurance. She combined exercises that toned and strengthen the legs, stomach, arms and back.  Although this warm was  in fact quite challenging, the end result was completely worth it.

Four times a week we had ballet for either one hour or two. Ballet is a necessity in order to become a successful gymnast and it was fantastic to have been able to attend.  After ballet, with the remainder of the time Lidiya worked with us on improving elements such as jumps, turns and balances. She also helped us come up with new, challenging and creative   throws and apparatus techniques.
The  weeks that I have trained at Toronto Aspirals have been wonderful. I am extremely happy I got  the opportunity to train with Lidiya, she is  a fantastic coach
I would like to wish Lidiya  and all the competitive girls of Toronto Aspirals the best of luck with the upcoming competition season.


February 23, 2006

Sima Studin
Executive Director, Club President
Toronto Aspirals RGC

Dear Sima:

I wanted to write to you today to express my sheer gratitude and appreciation for your facility and most specifically, your coaching staff.
As you are aware, my daughter Yeva began recreational gymnastics in 2003 under the direction of Ms. Elena Portnoi. Elena is a wonderful person who I believe is one the reasons that my Yeva has such a positive desire for this sport. She was gentle and loving when needed and also firm and encouraging enough for the children to learn properly. I am very happy that Yeva's first experiences were with Ms. Elena and Yeva simply adored her.
Yeva has since progressed to pre-competitive level and is coached by Ms. Irina Barba. Again, a wonderful coach whose love and dedication for what she does shows, and is reflected in the students. Yeva has done very well and I am so pleased to have Ms. Irina instructing her. The recent Valentines Classic Invitational was spectacular. It was the first performance and Irina led them beautifully. She is truly an asset to your team.
I would also like to mention Ms. Luidmila Kovtun who is always there to help and provides her vast knowledge and expertise.
I thank you, Sima, for allowing my daughter to have a place to go where she feels safe and cared for. It is a place where she can do what she loves and it makes her so happy.
Best Regards
Natalia MovshovichA

October 26, 2004

My daughter and I are very happy to have been a part of the Toronto Aspirals family.
Although we moved to another city a year ago and no longer participate in rhythmic gymnastics, we   greatly appreciate all the years that we spent with the club.
We were introduced to the wonderful world of rhythmic gymnastics back home, in Kyrgyzstan, when Diana was about 5 years old. When we moved to Canada, we sought out the same sports activity.   Becoming a part of the Toronto Aspirals was one of greatest and most memorable things to have happened to us in our new country. We made friends and found great inspiration within a few years of being members of the club. Diana participated in multiple competitions and events organized by and with the Toronto Aspirals. Our time with the club was always a very pleasurable and exiting experience, challenging and very stimulating.
As a single parent, I found that Diana's involvement with an athletic club provided tremendous assistance to her growth and development. I felt that my daughter's participation in rhythmic gymnastics had a great impact on my little girl and strongly influenced her future. I have seen how my daughter improved her physical abilities over the years;   rhythmic gymnastics helped her develop discipline, goal orientation, determination; she learned how to be a team player. And with the help of routine ballet classes offered by the club, Diana also became very poised and graceful.
The Toronto Aspirals team has always been a great support to our family. The coaches and management have always shown amazing patience and care to my child and I in many situation. To us, they were always more than sport professionals, and we miss them dearly.

We wish you long and prosperous years in your future!
Sincerely yours,

Irina Karpenko and Diana Kurbanova

January 3, 2003

Dear Sima:

This is a long overdue note to acknowledge and thank you for the wonderful work that you did for my daughter, Natalie Henson, from June 2001 to June 2002.
Rhythmic Gymnastics was a new sport for our family. Under your careful eye, Natalie blossomed and grew as a whole person while she was training with the Pre competitive Group at Toronto Aspirals. Natalie's commitment to Rhythmic gymnastics grew, her marks went up in school and she had perfect attendance at school.
I was thrilled with the way in which the girls in your club welcomed her, encouraged her and inspired her to do better. I was particularly impressed with the way that you built on the strengths of the individual girls. It was wonderful the way that you found ways to acknowledge some positive quality in each of the girls. This focus enabled the girls to build a positive foundation in their sport and in their person.
I observed the care, thought and expertise that went into the warm-up procedures and the progression in Natalie's development of skill. Great thought and care was taken to prevent injury and I took great comfort in that.
I am so grateful that Natalie has had the opportunity to train with you and I regret that fact that our distance from the Bathurst Jewish Centre prevented Natalie from continuing her training with you.
Natalie and I hope that our paths will continue to cross in the future and our family wishes to thank you for all that you have done for Natalie.

Lori B. Whitby, Ontario