Club Policies - Recreational Programs 


  1. Each member will pay yearly registration fee of $35 upon signing up for a program.
  2. A 10% tuition discount will apply if registering for full year (September to May). No discount on registration fee.
  3. A 10% discount will apply for a second child from the same family.
  4. A 20% discount for taking a second class.
  5. All sessions must be paid for in advance.


  1. Full refund will be provided if the request is made in writing at least 7 days prior to the beginning of the enrolled session. There will be no refunds after second class.
    Exceptions: partial refund may be considered if a child gets seriously sick or if family is moving.
    All refund are subject to $30 administration fee.
  2. Toronto Aspirals reserves the right to cancel a class due to low enrollment, in which case a refund will be given for remaining classes.
  3. Camp Days or Other Paid Events: refunds will not be issued for non-attendance of a scheduled Camp Day/ Other Paid Event.
  4. Birthday Party deposits are non-refundable.


NSF Cheques

All NSF Cheques are subject to a $15 administration fee.

Makeup Classes

  1. For the health of our members, we request that you do not send sick children (or adults) to class.
  2. Each gymnast has TWO make up classes in the Fall session and THREE make up classes in the Winter-Spring session.
  3. Parents must inform the office that the child will be absent from a class by sending us an e-mail.
  4. Make-up classes may be taken only AFTER a child misses a class, not PRIOR.
  5. All make-up classes will be offered at the end of the session during a designated week only.
    • Make up classes for Fall session will run the last week of December
    • Make up classes for Winter-Spring session will run the first week of June

 If a class is cancelled due to holidays, a make-up class will be given within the same session.

General Rules

  1. Toronto Aspirals reserves the right to make changes to class size without notice.
  2. Toronto Aspirals reserves the right to make changes to coaching staff without notice.
  3. Judgments made by coaches must not be publicly questioned by parents.
  4. Absolutely no food in the gym. Water bottles are allowed in plastic bottles only, no glasses or paper cups.Do not leave any valuables in the change rooms. Toronto Aspirals is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  5. Use of electronics and phones is prohibited during training.
  6. Toronto Aspirals Management reserves the right to suspend and/or revoke club membership due to non-compliance of established policies and procedures.


  1. Aspirals Gymnastics wants to ensure each gymnast has an equal opportunity to learn and participate. In the event that a gymnast is not being respectful, not participating, is late, is being disruptive in class or is interfering with the coach, or the other gymnast(s) during class the following course of action will be taken:
    • 1st Time: A verbal warning will be given to stop the action.
    • 2nd Time: A verbal warning will be given and the gymnast may be asked to sit out for 5 minutes.
    • 3rd Time: If a gymnast doesn't stop the poor behaviour he/she will be asked to sit out for the rest of the class.
      In the event that the gymnast continues the behaviour in subsequent classes, the coach will discuss the matter with the gymnast's parent(s) at which point it will be determined if the gymnast will continue to be a member of the club.
  2. When registering, parents must notify club's administration if the child has behaviour/focusing/learning issues.


General Gym Rules

  • Safety first - never endanger yourself or others
  • Always follow directions - when in doubt, ask a coach
  • Always wait inside the building for an adult to pick you up
  • Bare feet, socks or gymnastics shoes only in the gym area
  • Long hair must be worn in a ponytail
  • No running in the gym, except when directed by a coach
  • No food, chewing gum allowed on the gym floor. Water bottles are okay
  • No jewellery of any kind during class
  • No gymnastics while waiting for class to start in the lobby or the hallways

Code of Conduct for Parents

  1. Please be on time to pick up your child after practice as there is no supervision once the class is dismissed. If you are running late, call the office to let us know. Late pick up will be charged $1/minute.
  2. Do not walk into the gym or otherwise contact your child during practice.
  3. Parents are welcome to observe training in the parents' lounge. The coach has the right to draw the curtains if she feels the training process is being disturbed.
  4. Do not contact your coach with questions after practice, rather request an appointment to speak to her in private at a mutually convenient time.
  5. Taking photos and video recordings during practice is strictly prohibited as it is disruptive to the gymnasts and coaches. Photos and videos may be taken of your child only during an open class at the end of each session. Photos of other children may not be taken, unless you have explicit permission from their parents. This also applies to group photos.