Winter Show 2015

Venue: Maple H.S. 50 spring side Rd. (off of Jane, N. of Rutherford)
Warm up:for part 1: 9:00 to 10.00am
Show: Part 1: 10:05 am - 12:00
Parade: 12:05-12:20
Intermission (Pizza & drinks will be offered at snack bar) 12:20 - 12:50pm
Warm up for second part 12:20-12:50
Show: Part 2: 12:55 -2:30pm Pizza & drinks will be offered at the end of the show
Winter Show  rotations

Important note: All gymnasts have to take part in the parade ceremony. We give out loot bags to all participating gymnasts at the end of the opening ceremony. There will be no exceptions.
After the parade, those who performed in the first part of the show may leave or stay and watch the rest of the show.

When to arrive to the show.
If you are in the first part: 9am or as per instructions from your coach.
All gymnasts should remain in the gym until the end of the first part to take part in the parade. After that they may leave or stay to watch the rest of the show.

If your daughter performs in the second part you arrive no later than 11;45 to take part in the parade. All should remain in the gym until the end of part 2. At the end all participants will receive loot bags.

As usual, we will be asking parents to help with various duties. We need to roll up and roll out carpets, line them up, put up speakers. Please be ready to give us help.

We invite high school students to volunteer at the show. We will give them generous volunteer hours and free pizza and drink to top up the fun.

A copy of the program is posted on the information board by the office. Please do not ask us to move your number. We may change the schedule a little due to our internal reasons only.

Please speak to your coach on the subject costume for the show, how to do hair, when to arrive, etc. Inform her immediately if you can't attend the show and state the reason.

Parents are asked not to stay in the warm up gym once their children are taken care of by their coaches. The show is big and we want to finish on time. Too many people in the gym create congestion and slow things out. Please go to the main gym and take good seats at the bleachers.

If parents want to give coaches flowers, they can do it at the end of the opening ceremony or at the end of the show. Do not hand in flowers during performance.

Have a great show!!!
Happy holidays to all!!!