We Offer a Competitive Gymnastics Program with a Focus on Strength, Flexibility and Power

Gymnastics is growing in popularity among young people, perhaps in part due to the Olympic coverage of this great sport.   Olympic gymnastics always draws the attention of people due to the strength, flexibility and skill of the competitors.   Due to this growth, many parents opt to enroll their children into competitive gymnastics, perhaps hoping for the next world champion or simply wanting their child to work hard and excel at something for personal growth.   Toronto Aspirals offers gymnastics programs for children, from beginner to competitive.

Gymnastics is a sport that requires physical strength, flexibility, power, balance and coordination. With dedication, determination and the right guidance from our expert coaches at Toronto Aspirals, your child will learn the sport of gymnastics.   There are many advantages for children who learn gymnastics and continue on to competitive gymnastics. The physical benefits like coordination, strength, flexibility and fitness are important as are the emotional and social benefits.   Group learning encourages children to work together in a social setting and the demands of competitive gymnastics teach your child discipline and determination.   These characteristics will serve you child well through to adulthood.

At Toronto Aspirals, we feel it is never too early to start training. If a child is five years old or older, he/she can start training for competitive gymnastics. Toronto Aspirals has expert coaches who use a unique coaching style and individual training that has allowed us to become one of the most respected gymnastics club in the city of Toronto. We are currently recruiting athletes born after 2008, offering recreational programs and competitive gymnastics program for all ages and skill levels.   We also specialize in birthday parties, seasonal camps and much more. Toronto Aspirals is a non-profit club founded in 1979 that trains children in Toronto, the GTA, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Vaughan and York region in Canada.

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