Rhythmic Gymnastics Promotes Fitness, Discipline and Fun for Your Child

Toronto Aspirals offers rhythmic gymnastics programs for children.   Rhythmic gymnastics is a combination of dance, gymnastics, ballet and creative movements set to music.   This can be a very challenging sport in terms of strength, balance and skill.   Teaching your child this combination that culminates in rhythmic gymnastics is valuable for many reasons.  

There are many benefits to providing rhythmic gymnastics lessons for your child:

  • Rhythmic gymnastics requires movement of your entire body
  • Rhythmic gymnastics promotes balance, self-discipline, fitness and a healthy lifestyle
  • Learning team skills is an integral part of rhythmic gymnastics
  • Rhythmic gymnastics is fun above all else!

 Watch your child's confidence grow as she learns skills required to excel at rhythmic gymnastics.   Other skills required to be a good gymnast includes a great attitude, a strong sense of commitment, willingness to practice and work hard, and self-confidence.  

Toronto Aspirals, a non-profit athletic organization, is a full member of the Ontario Gymnnastics Federation. Toronto Aspirals was founded in 1979 and is an industry leader in providing gymnastics classes to children of all ages. Our highly qualified coaches who teach at Toronto Aspirals are dedicated, professional and patient.  Parents can trust in the skills and education we provide for our rhythmic gymnastics for kids program.   We instill confidence in the children and require hard work from them to reach their full potential in our great sport.  

Toronto Aspirals provides rhythmic gymnastics classes for kids in Toronto, York Region, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Thornhill and the GTA.

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