Rhythmic Gymnastics is an Excellent Sport for Kids

Toronto Aspirals offers rhythmic gymnastics classes for kids. Rhythmic gymnastics is a sport in which individuals in a group perform exercises. We combine dance, gymnastics and ballet in rhythmic gymnastics. Children of all ages are welcome at Toronto Aspirals! Your child is never too young to begin learning gymnastics and will reap the benefits into adulthood as an active child often develops into an active adult.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Benefits Kids Physically and Psychologically

A few benefits of teaching your child rhythmic gymnastics are:

• Physical benefits – rhythmic gymnastics increases flexibility, balance, perseverance and dexterity in your child.
• Psychological benefits – rhythmic gymnastics increases discipline, accomplishment, self-control and confidence in
your child

Toronto Aspirals programs will improve your child's activity level and develop physical and social skills as well. Our class settings allow children to learn important life skills of socialization while having fun and getting exercise.

Find a Rhythmic Gymnastics Program for Your Child

Toronto Apirals offers rhythmic gymnastics classes for parents & tots, pre-school, kinder gym, recreational pre & competitive rhythmic gymnastics, Christmas, March break & summer camps as well as fun filled birthday parties.

Toronto Aspirals programs include:

• Private dance and synchronized swim lessons etc.
• After school and lunch time programs; this is for day care and elementary school kids. Custom made plans are
available to suit your individual needs.
• School fundraising sponsorship programs. We will donate our club T-shirts and gift certificates for a silent
auction and/or do a gymnastic demonstration at your Spring Fair.

Our coaches are highly qualified and experienced. Toronto Aspirals certified coaches carefully guide young children in the fundamentals of gymnastics and encourage them to excel at their own level and pace.

Founded in 1979, Toronto Aspirals is a non-profit athletic organization. We are a full member of the Ontario Gymnastics Federation.

We offer a wide range of rhythmic gymnastics programs in Toronto, York Region, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Thornhill and the GTA.

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