Rhythmic Gymnastics for Kids in Toronto and the GTA

At Toronto Aspirals we believe active kids become active adults. We offer rhythmic gymnastics for kids of all ages. We also offer competitive gymnastics. At what age should kids start our rhythmic gymnastics program? Children growing up with parents enjoying sports, they automatically start to enjoy sports. It doesn't matter if it is a team sport or individual sport like rhythmic gymnastics for kids, it is essential that children are in motion. Rhythmic gymnastics for kids keeps them in motion and is a favorable program. Kids in pre-school learn not only to be in movement at our rhythmic gymnastics for kids program they also learn to have fun. Sometimes it's not a question of the age but of the maturity. Rhythmic gymnastics for kids is only practiced by girls. Girls can show their grace and agility while practicing rhythmic gymnastics.

Boys have a tendency to enjoy team sports where they can use their fighting spirit. Only the women's portion of rhythmic gymnastics is recognized by the International Gymnastics Federation. At the Olympics game 2012 in London rhythmic gymnastics were controlled by European countries. The winner of the gold and silver medal of rhythmic gymnastics was from Russia.

About our Rhythmic Gymnastics for Kids Program in Toronto and the GTA

Toronto Aspirals, a non-profit athletic organization is a full member of the Ontario Gymnastics Federation. Toronto Aspirals was founded in 1979. Only highly qualified coaches teach at Toronto Aspirals. Parents can trust in the skills and education we provide for our rhythmic gymnastics for kids program.

We train rhythmic gymnastics for kids in Toronto, York Region, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Thornhill and the GTA.

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