Rhythmic Gymnastics for Kids Helps Girls Stay Active

Maintaining an active lifestyle is both physically and socially beneficial to children as they grow up and develop. For boys there are a variety of sports that they can get involved in, whether it’s baseball, basketball, hockey or soccer. For many girls, though, these sports are not of interest. So what type of activity can you get your girls involved in? Gymnastics!

Rhythmic gymnastics is a great way to get your girls moving. It is beautiful sport that combines dance and gymnastics with flips and jumps choreographed to music. Participating in gymnastics from a young age helps build a strong foundation for the body with increased muscle strength, power and stamina. Rhythmic gymnastics also incorporates the use of ribbons, hoops, ropes, balls and clubs, which helps gymnasts improve their balance, flexibility and coordination as they work with these hand apparatus.

Rhythmic gymnastics for kids improves a child’s fitness level, self-confidence and overall general health, as does any form of exercise. Other benefits derived from training in gymnastics include improved discipline and commitment, as well as enhanced social skills developed from interacting with other gymnasts.

Toronto Aspirals is a well-respected gymnastics club offering rhythmic gymnastics for kids of all ages in the GTA and York region. Known for their unique coaching philosophy and high training standards Toronto Aspirals is dedicated to providing programs that promote physical, emotional and social development. The coaches take an individual approach to each gymnast, focusing on each child’s strengths and needs to help them progress through the gymnastic programs.

Whether you are looking for a recreational or competitive program for your child, at Toronto Aspirals they are sure to have fun while learning the fundamentals of rhythmic gymnastics and staying fit. Classes in rhythmic gymnastics for kids are available in Toronto, the GTA, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Vaughan and York region.

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