Provide your Children a Healthier and Fun Life by Choosing one of our Rhythmic Gymnastics for Kids Programs

Rhythmic Gymnastics is considered one of the most beautiful Olympic sports since it is a combination of ballet, gymnastics and the self-expression and rhythm of modern dance. It results in an elegant and expressive mixture of dance, art and sport. Using apparatus' such as balls, clubs, ropes, hoops and ribbons, rhythmic gymnastics is really challenging.

Some of the most important qualities needed in rhythmic gymnastics are balance, flexibility, coordination and strength. Toronto Aspirals offers our Rhythmic Gymnastics program, which will help to improve these skills. Taking part in our Rhythmic Gymnastics for Kids program, your children will be able to have fun while learning a new sport and become healthier.

By choosing our Rhythmic Gymnastics, your children will improve their physical fitness, and fine motor skills, while gaining positive self-esteem, self-discipline and a healthy lifestyle, which they will sustain for the rest of their life. Besides that, your child will develop strength and agility, hand-eye and foot-eye coordination and a sense of balance, as well as develop and maintain good posture and perfect body alignment.

Founded in 1979, Toronto Aspirals is a non-profit athletic organization and a full member of the Ontario Gymnastics Federation. Toronto Aspirals is also one of the most respected Rhythmic Gymnastics clubs in the city.   We are proud to offer you highly qualified coaches that are nationally certified and former Rhythmic Gymnasts that have are Canadian and European trained.

Toronto Aspirals proudly provides some of the best Rhythmic Gymnastics Programs in York Region,  Richmond Hill,  Vaughan,  Thornhill,  Toronto  and  the GTA.

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