Katerina S. Provincial Champion 2012

Katerina, 14 has been a member of Toronto Aspirals since 2005.
Since very young age she   showed great passion for her chosen sport, that combined with hard work and the right attitude toward training, brought her highest awards and   level of recognition in the rhythmic community.
Under a watchful eye of her coach Lidiya she has grown to become one of the finest gymnasts the club ever produced.
A   2011and 2012 Provincial Champion
, Katerina won every competition she participated in 2012. Beside gymnastics she takes ballet and jazz that helps greatly to improve her creative dance skills.
In the upcoming 2013 competitive season, Katerina decided to compete at the National level. We wish her best of luck in the upcoming competitions.

2011 and 2012 Provincial Champion

Winner of the   "GYMNAST OF THE YEAR" AWARD IN 2011 and in 2012


Coach: Lidiya Yavorskaya.