Our Competitive Gymnastics Programs Teach Children Essential Skills

Finding the best type of activity and exercise for a child is very important. Competitive gymnastics is a great opportunity for children to develop new skills which will be essential throughout their entire lives. In competitive gymnastics, children will practice basic activities and advance to more complex routines on a wide range of apparatus.  

Toronto Aspirals has been providing competitive gymnastics programs for more than 34 years. We know how to teach children to achieve their potential in  competitive gymnastics. Our goal is to create future Olympians. Our motto is to shoot for the moon and even if you miss you will land among the stars!

Programs for Children of All Ages

 Toronto Aspirals offers different competitive gymnastics programs for children of all ages:  

  • Competitive gymnastics program: Elite Kids – Age 5

Girls as early as age four are accepted into this introductory program.

  • Competitive gymnastics program: Pre- competitive/interclub – Age 6 and Up.   Participants in this program compete and perform in a group or individual setting, using same hand apparatus as individual competitors.
  • Competitive gymnastics program: Provincial competitive programs – Age 7 and Up

Founded in 1979, Toronto Aspirals has grown to be one of the most respected competitive gymnastics clubs in Toronto and the GTA.   We are known for our unique coaching philosophy and spirit!   Over the years, Toronto Aspirals has been represented at prestigious  competitions including the Pan American Games, the Maccabi Games and the World Championships. Our coaches are all nationally certified and highly qualified.

Toronto Aspirals  is a leading  gymnastics  school for kids with one of the best  competitive gymnastics programs  in Ontario. We strive to prepare and train talented and ambitious gymnasts in the  York Region,  Richmond Hill,  Vaughan,  Thornhill,  Toronto  and the  GTA.  

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