Competitive Schedule 2016-2017   Club Policies-Competitive Programs

Competitive Programs Overview

Competitive rhythmic gymnastics is a demanding and challenging, yet exciting sport, that requires hard work and dedication in order for athletes to reach their full potential.
Toronto Aspirals offers pre-competitive and competitive programs for kids starting from 5years of age.

There are three types of competitive gymnastics programs :

Interclub - girls compete at club level.  Hours of training: 5 to 7.5 hours per week.

Provincial - girls compete at Provincial Level. Provincial Championships is the main event of the year. Hours of training: 10 to 14 hours per week.

National - gymnasts compete at National and International levels.
Hours of training: 14 to 20 hrs per week

Evaluation is required  to join competitive training.

Please call 905-760-0092 to schedule an appointment or a trial out class

Mia smallElite Kids

Now recruiting girls born in 2012 for 2017-2018 season
This program is an introduction to pre-competitive training. Girls as early as age five are accepted. Anyone who is interested in the sport of rhythmic gymnastics is accepted, regardless of natural ability and/or body type. Prerequisite are: genuine interest, good attendance, positive attitude, ability to focus. The curriculum consists of introduction to basic body movements, elements of dance, rhythmic apparatus and floor acrobatics.  Athletes will participate in group performances, shows, demonstrations and one in-club competition during their first year.

Pre-Competitive/Interclub - Ages 6 & up:

Participants in this program compete and perform in a group or individual setting, using same hand apparatus as individual competitors. Training involves dance, floor acrobatics, rhythmic gymnastics and general fitness. Gymnasts participate in group performances, shows, demonstrations and one in-club competition. Select gymnasts also take part in invitational competitions throughout the year.



Provincial Competitive Programs - Ages 7 & up:

These programs require substantial commitment from athletes and their families. Girls will work hard to perfect apparatus and body techniques and to polish their individual routines. Two dance classes per week, a vigorous fitness workout, attention to every small detail with determination to do one's very best is the formula for success in these programs. Gymnasts will take part in numerous invitational and provincial competitions and those selected, will take part in Provincial Championships.