Let Your Child Reap the Benefits of a Dynamic Rhythmic Gymnastics Program

Expression through movement gave rise to the birth of rhythmic gymnastics in 1837.   In 1984 rhythmic gymnastics was added as an Olympic event.   This popular sport combines ballet, dance and acrobatics, making it an extremely beautiful sport requiring coordination, strength and grace.

Rhythmic gymnastics is a dynamic sport that helps develop and improve strength and flexibility.   Athletes manipulate one apparatus (ball, clubs, hoop, ribbon and rope) for individual routines and two when performing as a team.

With the growing interest in rhythmic gymnastics in recent years, demand has risen for places to learn and practice the sport.   When started at a young age, rhythmic gymnastics can play an important role in a child's development. There are many benefits rhythmic gymnastics can offer, including an increase in strength and flexibility.   Children who take part in rhythmic gymnastics develop good posture and grace and have improved coordination and agility as well.

Toronto Aspirals offers a dynamic rhythmic gymnastics for kids program to help children reap the positive benefits and learn a great sport.   Founded in 1979, Toronto Aspirals offers training involving dance, floor acrobatics, rhythmic gymnastics and general fitness. It's a great way to have fun and improve your child's skill levels.   Rhythmic gymnastics also teaches children discipline, which will be valuable throughout their lives.   Our expert coaches will train your children in rhythmic gymnastics and help them excel with concentration, determination and dedication. These qualities apply to many different areas of a child's life and will serve them well as they grow into healthy, well-rounded adults.

Toronto Aspirals train rhythmic gymnastics in Toronto, the GTA, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Vaughan and York region in Canada.

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