Competitive Gymnastics Programs Promote Social Integration, Discipline and Responsibility in Toronto and GTA

Competitive gymnastics programs promote social integration, discipline and responsibility, working general and localized muscular endurance, rhythm and body awareness through pre-acrobatic and acrobaticmoves, using different modalities.

A competitive gymnastics program is a full-body program using motor, cognitive, social and emotional skills.Motor skills development in children is extremely important and the benefits earned from a competitive gymnastics program are invaluable.   Children or adolescents involved in competitive gymnastics programs enhance skills such as flexibility, balance, strength and agility. This can also serve as a basis for the practice of other sports and activities.

Competitive gymnastics programs have more than just physical benefits.   They contribute to positive self-esteem, confidence and the ability to set goals and objectives.   These skills will serve children well into teen years and adulthood.  Toronto Aspirals is a specialist in competitive gymnastics programs. We are a non-profit athletic organization and full member of the Ontario Gymnastics Federation. Our coaches are nationally certified and we are one of the most respected rhythmic gymnastics clubs in the city. Our performers have successfully represented Toronto Aspirals at various prestigious competitions. We also have a set of activities that promote the social life of our athletes, like season camps and cultural festivals. We also offer special needs classes, physical education programs for day cares and private lessons for dancers, skaters and synchronized swimmers.

Toronto Aspirals has over 30 years' experience in developing gymnastic talent in Toronto, GTA, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Vaughan and York Region.

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