Competitive Gymnastics Programs: From Flabs to Abs

Becoming a competitive gymnast is no easy task. It takes nearly a decade of dedication, hard work, practice, and the willingness to succeed against all odds. Do you know what else competitive gymnastics programs require? A competitive gymnastics program requires abs of steel. Having a conditioned core is essential to your success as a competitive gymnast. It will allow you to perform all of your routines and to push yourself past your limits. Toronto Aspirals understands the importance of a highly conditioned core and how it will help a gymnast conquer competitive gymnastics programs.

Ab Exercises That Will Help You Succeed in Competitive Gymnastics Programs

A good starting point for core conditioning is an exercise called the hollow. It is used by most competitive gymnastics programs because of its overall effectiveness. To do the hollow, the gymnast will lie on their back, raise and extend their arms to ear level, raise and extend their legs 4-6 inches off of the ground, and pull both their arms and legs tight in an effort to engage the core.

V-ups are also another great exercise to turn those flabs into abs. This is one of our favorites and an exercise that we highly recommend for any competitive gymnastics programs. The V-up is accomplished when the gymnast extends their arms and legs and raises them simultaneously in an effort to complete both a crunch and leg lift at the same time. At the peak of the exercise, you will be balancing on your lower back.

The beauty of working on core strength is that it benefits all of your routines. Reputable competitive gymnastics programs will stress the importance of core conditioning and Toronto Aspirals is no different. Our competitive gymnastics programs focus on core conditioning and the fundamentals of gymnastics. We offer our competitive gymnastics programs to gymnasts located throughout Toronto, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, the York Region, and the GTA.

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