Common Injuries Related to Competitive Gymnastics Programs

Every competitive gymnast constantly faces the harsh realities of the injury bug. Injuries are a part of the sport and sometimes they cannot be avoided. In today’s blog, we want to highlight the potential injuries that a gymnast will face in competitive gymnastics programs. We don’t want anyone to get injured throughout our competitive gymnastics programs, but unfortunately, injuries are unpredictable, and they do happen. Toronto Aspirals is here to help you understand the threats of competitive gymnastics programs.

The most dreaded injury in competitive gymnastics programs is the ankle injury. While it may seem small, this injury will put you on the sideline for a very long time. Unfortunately, it can occur very easily.  Gymnastics puts frequent pressure on your ankles. If they are unable to handle the load, you will not be able to perform your routines.

Back injuries are another sad reality of competitive gymnastics programs. They can happen naturally throughout a routine or they can occur from nasty slips and falls. Regardless, this injury is incredibly painful.

Poor stretching can lead to pulled hamstrings. Proper competitive gymnastics programs will encourage all gymnasts to stretch thoroughly before any practice or performances. Stretching is vital and will greatly decrease your risk of suffering an injury.

Every gymnast fears tearing their MCL or ACL. A knee injury will often sideline you for half a year and it requires extensive rehab in order to return it to performance shape.

Gymnasts enrolled in competitive gymnastics programs can also suffer from shoulder injuries. Generally, a gymnastics related shoulder injury is related to inflammation of the muscle groups due to constant rotation of the shoulder blades.

The final injury that gymnasts often suffer from is the wrist injury. Generally, it is caused by hyperextension and a wrist can take over a full year to heal properly. Always stretch your wrists and never push them past their limits. The consequences are severe.

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