Coaches Corner

Why enroll your child in organized athletic activities?

It has been proven that habits acquired in early life will be carried into adulthood. Physical activity combined with healthy eating habits are two of the most important factors that will help your child lead a healthy lifestyle.

Why enroll your child in gymnastics?

Gymnastics is an excellent starting point for all children to gain a keen awareness of their body's capabilities, which may be later transferred to other athletic activities and life situations.

Young children by nature are very active and energetic. They like to climb, roll, crawl,  jump… In structured gymnastics classes, their energy is channeled into learning to perform these skills safely,  and to use their body to master the basic skills of gymnastics.

Why enroll your daughter in Rhythmic and Gymnastics?

Rhythmic Gymnastics is a graceful feminine activity which is considered to be “the sport” for a young girl in many European countries. It develops proper posture, balance, coordination and flexibility, combining dance and athletics. It builds strength, stamina and endurance, giving your child the benefits of overall physical fitness. It gives young girls the opportunity to express their creativity through graceful movements in both individual and/or group exercises.

Recreational rhythmic gymnastics is open for all girls interested in this beautiful sport. Beginners are welcome!

Why enroll your daughter in the Toronto Aspirals programme?
Because at Aspirals we teach kids to be




Your role as a parent of a competitive gymnast