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What Parents Should Say as Their Kids Compete

After meeting with many coaches and athletes, I noticed an issue that kept on coming up in our conversations, both the student-athletes and the coaches were trying to solve the same problem. What was that problem? - The parents of the student-athletes. You may or may not believe this, but Moms will call coaches to…
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Your role as a parent

Although this article is talking about gymnastics, the material is relevant to those parents whose kids are involved in any competitive sport. Competitive gymnastics programs provide many benefits. They develop self-discipline, good sportsmanship, and time management skills. Competitions allow the gymnast to experience success, and to learn how to deal with defeat, while becoming healthy…
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Let your Kids Take Advantage of the Rhythmic Gymnastics for Kids Program

Rhythmic gymnastics is becoming very popular throughout the world. This sport is currently performed by women where they can develop their agility, coordination and grace. At Toronto Aspirals we thought that rhythmic gymnastics for kids is a great idea because it provides them with the same benefits and also give them the possibility to develop…
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