Are Competitive Gymnastics Program Right for My Child?

We get asked this question a lot. Parents want to know if their child is ready for competitive gymnastics programs. Certain children excel in these situations, while others are not prepared, focused, or dedicated enough to succeed. Toronto Aspirals offers both competitive gymnastics programs and recreational gymnastics programs.

First off, as a parent, do you have the required time to drive your children to frequent practices and to competitions all throughout the region and the country? This is a major part of competitive gymnastics programs. As your child develops their talent, they may be expected to perform at competitions and these competitions can be located a long way from home.

Can you afford the financial burdens of a competitive gymnastics program? This is not to scare parents away, but competitive gymnastics programs come with their fair share of costs. These costs include, the program itself, proper gym attire, competition fees, travel fees, and more. The costs can quickly add up.

Does your child want to compete in competitive gymnastics programs? There is nothing worse than a parent who forces their child to do something that they have no interest in. Often, children will agree just to make their parents happy, but deep down, they are miserable and looking for a way to escape. If your child is passionate about gymnastics, than our competitive gymnastics programs are perfect for them, and we welcome them to participate.

Lastly, we ask parents to think about what they want to take away from our programs. Do you expect your child to be a future Olympian or are you happy with them learning new skills and developing a competitive side. We provide all of our students with the knowledge to succeed, but it is up to them to take that knowledge and to turn it into results.

Toronto Aspirals offers competitive gymnastics programs to children located in Toronto, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, throughout the York Region, and all of the GTA.

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